Revolution Chiropractic is a Structural Chiropractic office located in Johns Creek, GA. Our primary goal is to locate and correct Structural Shifts in the spine that cause the spinal discs, bones, and nerves to break down. This leads to a number of secondary conditions, like neck pain, low back pain, migraines, vertigo, tension headaches, chronic fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and muscle weakness.

The doctors at Revolution Chiropractic are focused on specific structural corrective care. This means our patients receive:

  • Specific corrections aimed at the underlying structural issues, and not merely managing symptoms.
  • A comprehensive objective analysis of the spine, so you can see and feel the difference.
  • Customized strategies to get you well and show you how to maintain a healthy spine.

The process begins with a Complimentary Consultation where we'll have a conversation about your health history, discuss our unique approach, and let you know if and how we can help you. To schedule a consult, call our office at 770-450-9394.

I have to say I’m very impressed with the thoroughness of Dr. Jeremy and how he makes it all make sense! If you are looking for chiropractic care in Suwanee (or surrounding areas), give Revolution Chiropractic a look! You won’t be disappointed!!
— Mike