Pediatric/Prenatal care

At Revolution Chiropractic we work with women at all stages of pregnancy. We understand the unique changes that take place throughout the spine and pelvis, and how the body can change structurally, chemically, and emotionally. Our main goal is to make sure the process is comfortable, enjoyable, and ultimately leads to a healthy delivery.

When there is a structural shift in the alignment of the spine and pelvis during the pregnancy process, it can lead to a number of secondary conditions like low back pain, tailbone pain, fatigue, digestive problems, baby's position.

By making corrections to the underlying structure of the spine and pelvis, we can alleviate pressure on the muscles, ligaments and nerves, thus reducing or eliminating the various secondary conditions.


Pediatric Care

Our evaluation is designed to make sure the spine and hips are moving and functioning properly. Gentle corrections are made only when absolutely necessary to allow for proper nervous system function.



During pregnancy, the ligaments of the spine and pelvis undergo a tremendous amount of change. Our goal is to keep the spine as healthy as possible and manage some of the symptoms that typically present during this time.



Our structural corrective evaluation and protocols are particularly beneficial post-pregnancy. After all the stress and change that occurred during pregnancy, we work to allow the ligaments and spinal joints to return back to normal.

Postpartum Rebuilding Program

After delivery, the road to getting back in shape can often be a long and challenging one. In many cases, this is because the structure of the spine and pelvis remain unstable after delivery. Although hormones return to normal levels, there may be lasting damage to the muscles and ligaments. 

We offer a program geared specifically toward women wanting to get back in shape. In most cases the program lasts 8-12 weeks in total. We perform a comprehensive Structural Examination, including x-rays, Multi-Axial Structural Analysis, Digital Photographic Analysis and a neurological evaluation. Based on the findings from that exam, we will recommend a plan of care specifically designed to recovery of the hips and spine as well as the core muscles.

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