Experience the Structural Difference.

Revolution Chiropractic offers a unique healthcare experience through not only our commitment to excellence in care, but our state-of-the-art office.


In order to provide our patients with consistent and comfortable spinal corrections, we use custom-made wooden tables with padding that is firm, yet comfortable. Our tables are cleaned regularly between patients using non-toxic cleaning solution.


An important part of the corrective process is allowing our patients time to rest after a correction is made. We use top of the line zero-gravity chairs modeled after the seats used by astronauts. This process takes weight off the spinal joints and allows the ligaments time to adapt to the changes we just made.


We take the examination process in our office seriously. While some offices may delegate the process to an office assistant, at Revolution Chiropractic, our doctors perform every aspect of your initial exam. Our three part process includes Specific Digital X-rays, a Multi-Axial Structural Analysis (MASA), and Digital Structural Photography. Our equipment is calibrated regularly to insure that the findings are quick and accurate. The digital x-ray equipment we use not only reduces the already low levels of radiation used for spinal x-rays, but allows us to review the findings in real-time while our patients are still in the room.


Our office is nearly paperless with the exception of a few intake forms when you first begin care. All of our patient records are preserved in a digital format allowing us to quickly access them and send them out easily when we co-manage cases with physicians and surgeons. 



office features

  • Air Filtration
  • Eco Friendly Rubber Flooring
  • Soft lighting (No Fluorescents)
  • Custom-built Tables
  • Rehabilitation Suite
  • Paperless Records
  • Customized Exercises Sent to Iphone/Android devices
  • Special Adjusting Instruments (No popping or cracking)
  • Digital X-rays (Extremely low radiation)
  • Multi-Axial Structural Analysis
  • Digital Photographic Analysis
  • Access to High Quality Supplements
  • Customized Plans of Care
  • Flexible Scheduling